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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repaint my garage door to pink or blue?

Yes, you can repaint it. Mostly, our garage doors come in natural, white, or black colors. However, some of our garage doors’ paints have the characteristic of not overpowering other colors; thus, if you want to cover it with another color, you can. Our store offers a lot of paint palettes that you can use for coating your garage door.

What are the prices of your garage doors?

The cost of the garage doors depends on the kind of door a client wants. There is no fixed price since the company offers a variety of garage doors; hence, these doors have different prices. The price depends on various components, such as the material, the model, the color, etc.

Does the garage door installed need a lot of maintenance?

No, it does not need a lot of maintenance. Only general and basic forms of maintenance are needed.

Can I do the maintenance on my own?

Yes, you can. You can do the simple jobs such as cleaning, stain removing on the springs, and others. However, if there’s a more complicated form of maintenance that is needed, then it is better to contact an expert in order to avoid damages and further problems on your garage door.

Do you have a physical office that I can visit?

Yes, we have an office that clients can visit. To ensure that our company can be trusted and so that we can be reached easily by those who cannot access the internet, clients can visit our showroom.

What do you think happened if the door cannot be opened?

There are two things that possibly happened: one, it is most probably stuck. As such, you need to take a closer look on each side of the door to check on what has gotten suck. Another is that your springs are damaged and should be replaced immediately. If one spring is damaged, it is recommended to change both.

Why do I need to consider quality over the beauty of a garage door?

There are good looking garage doors that will trick your eyes from their quality. As such, it is better to go to your trusted store or to ask an expert about the quality of your selected door.

If I have a non-standardized garage, can I have a customized door?

Yes, we offer customized doors that will surely fit your non-standardized garage. We offer this kind of service because we are aware that there are clients whose garage sizes do not follow the standard size.

Do you offer replacement, repair, or maintenance for commercial garage doors?

Yes, we do. Whether your garage is in a commercial building or you have a business that involves garage doors, then we can surely cater to your garage door repair and maintenance needs.

On a remote-controlled garage door, can I buy a new one if it is lost or damaged?

Yes, you can buy new opener remotes and any other door parts that you need at our physical store, since we still do not have our online store. However, we recommend that you call our hotline first to make sure that what you need is available.

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