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I have been having trouble with my garage door for years. The remote control opener won’t function well, and the panels were starting to crack. The panels I chose were wood since they were a lot cheaper compared to metal. I really needed to install new panels, and I knew that it was going to cost me a lot. Being desperate, I decided to consult with a company and it was the best decision I ever did. Upon accommodating me, I explained all of my dilemmas to the repair guys, and they were able to provide solutions and answers. They told me to use metal instead of wood despite the difference in price. According to them, a well maintained metal garage door would go a long way for almost 25,000 cycles. I had my garage door fully replaced, and it is being well maintained by the company.

Robert Jeter

Day by day, my garage door was starting to fall apart, and it was really hard to simply apply home repairs with day to day tools. I can’t keep doing this so I asked for assistance. The company and its staff fully repaired my garage door in 4 days and the results were truly of great quality.      I had a problem with the dimension of my garage entrance so they calculated the dimension of my garage for a new sectional garage door installation. The results were amazing. It’s been 6 months and there has been no sign of damages. They visit quarterly to conduct maintenance, and I never have to worry about a big bill.

Erica Cha

Nearby communities have been experiencing an increase in crime rate, and most of them involve robbery. I was worried since I have a family and so I decided to provide better security to the most vulnerable rooms in my home, starting with the garage. Our garage has an internal door leading to the kitchen, so if intruders entered my garage door, they would have access to my home. I’ve been hearing positive feedback about this company so I decided to seek services from them. I was worried about the efficiency of the security and repair services they would provide. In the end, though, I was happy with the results, and my total fee was actually not that big for the services they gave.

Dawn Thomas

In terms of repairs and installation, I have to say that this company is one of the best or even the best in this city. The resources they use are top-quality, and they are very technical with what they do. I am glad that a business like this one is still active. It’s hard to look for a trustworthy garage door repair company these days. It is better to have a single provider, and I am happy with my choice. The bill they demanded was terrific and the quality of their work, especially their repair and installation services, were outstanding. Truly a professional company capable of complicated mechanical tasks. My garage door is now well functioning and they even installed safety eyes. They did a really amazing job.

Thomas Davis

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